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What We Can Learn From the Former First Lady

It seems strange to look to Michelle Obama for exam success. But if you want to Pass Higher English, stick around. It also looks as if I have a strange fascination with former First Ladies  – comparing Hillary Clinton to Lady Macbeth in an...
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Lady Macbeth and Hillary Clinton

What They've Got in Common

Too Much It Would Seem … For those  studying Macbeth for the Higher English exam this year – well done, it’s been a good time to study it, especially if you’ve been struggling to get to grips with Lady Macbeth and all she represents. Every...
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Pass Higher English? The Trick is To Keep Reading!

No Matter What Your Set Text !

How to Pass Higher English? Keep reading! To Pass Higher English you have to read. that sounds a bit obvious I know, but it’s amazing the number of students sitting this exam who actually don’t read. Of course in this technical, digital day that’s...
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Top Ten Tips to Pass Higher English

Enter the Exam Room Confident and Prepared in May

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